About Our Practice

At David Marriott Dental we deliver and promote a high standard of dental care for better looking teeth, healthier gums and a confident smile. 

From our centrally located Hastings practice, we offer the full range of services in both general and cosmetic dentistry for Hawke's Bay residents of all ages. 
Our modern facilities within a calm, relaxing atmosphere reflect our highly professional, inclusive and genuinely caring approach to dentistry.

Safe Hands & Fresh Ideas In Dentistry

We have two resident dentists. David Marriott, our senior dentist, has over three decades of experience.
Our associate dentist, Jaydip Jesani, has been practising for three years and brings a fresh perspective and a contemporary approach to the practice.
David and Jay both recognise the link between dental health and general health, along with the benefits of a confident smile.

At David Marriott Dental we treat patients of all ages, and provide free treatment for those under the age of 18.

Gentle, Respectful & Caring Dentists

At David Marriott Dental we'll work with you and identify your individual needs to improve your dental health. We're committed to helping our clients care for their teeth and gums so they can look and feel great.
We have a gentle and respectful approach, which means whatever the reasons for the condition of your teeth we're here to help and improve your dental wellbeing.

We always make sure pain is kept to a minimum and a local anaesthetic is administered when required. You can discuss any concerns you may have with our friendly staff and dentists at any time.

Dental Exams With A Thorough Clean & Polish

Our recommended regular checkups are 30 minutes in duration. This allows for a comprehensive examination of your teeth, gums and overall dental health, as well as advice on at-home tooth and gum care. If you haven’t seen a dentist for a while we will take x-rays. We remove any plaque and tartar before giving your teeth a polish for that sparkling and confident smile everyone deserves. 

At David Marriott Dental we believe regular maintenance is key as it prevents unnecessary pain and suffering when teeth and gums are neglected. Regular check-ups are less costly compared with waiting until dental health deteriorates.

At the end of a 30-minute exam, clean and polish, our dentists explain the current state of your dental health. If you need further treatment we will provide you with a written treatment plan and fee estimate so that you can plan your future visits to suit your schedule and your budget.

Toothache & Broken Teeth

If you have a particular concern, for instance toothache or a broken tooth, then you can make an appointment so we can do something to relieve your pain or discomfort and advise you of any further treatment you may need. We will provide you with a written treatment plan and fee estimate so that you can plan your future visits to suit your schedule and your budget.

Regular Recall Service

Most of our longstanding patients use our regular recall service so they won’t forget when their yearly check-up is due. We can send you either an appointment made by us, or a reminder that it is time to call us for an appointment.

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